Even though your small business is not legally required to offer employees health insurance, it may benefit your company if you did. You may qualify for various tax credits as well as recruit and retain higher quality employees because you offer health insurance.

As a small business with 1-50 employees, you have several options when it comes to health insurance.

  1. Purchase health insurance in the small employer market from an insurance agent or broker such as Guyerbenefitsnw.com.
  2. Choose a health plan through Washington state Exchange.
  3. Join an association and purchase health insurance through them.
  4. Do not buy group health insurance and let employees buy their own individual health plans.

At Guyer Benefits NW we specialize in insurance, and we provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for your business. We can make the process easy and affordable for you and your employees with our various small group health insurance options.


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