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Life, Health, and Disability Insurance in Seattle, WA

We at Guyer Benefits NW offer comprehensive insurance plans that are tailored to your specific purpose, requirements, budget, and background. We provide a diverse portfolio of insurance products, including healthcare policies, life insurance, and disability insurance in Seattle, WA. Work with us and rest assured that you and your loved ones are in good hands!

Policy Options for You and Your Loved Ones

At Guyer Benefits NW, we understand that just because a policy works well for one, that does not mean that it will work for all.


Safeguard your loved ones from life’s unpredictability. Medical bills are the number one cost of bankruptcy in the United States. Protect yourself and your family from the expenses that come with going to the hospital, consulting with a doctor, and securing prescription drugs.

So many choices, not sure where to go? Find the best Medicare plans in Seattle for your medical and prescription needs. We work with many carriers to find the best choice for you.


Be prepared for the risk of an untimely death. Take charge and safeguard your family’s future with a policy that will cover their financial needs after you have passed away.


Our short-term medical insurance provides coverage during the gaps between jobs, going back to school, and other intermediary needs. Cover your risk of an unplanned medical emergency in Seattle with a short-term medical policy.


Maintain your oral health with an insurance plan that covers cleanings, root canals, orthodontic procedures, braces, and other dental solutions. Choose from a wide selection of affordable plans for individuals and families.


Keep your eyes in top condition with a personalized vision insurance plan. Coverage includes eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and possibly laser eye correction. Prevent visual disorders and identify eye-related symptoms of serious health conditions early with insurance-enabled routine eye exams.


Most major medical plans do not cover international travel, regardless of whether it is for business or pleasure. Secure comprehensive coverage for your employees or family during trips abroad with a far-reaching travel policy.

We will identify and customize the best plan to fit your needs and to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Talk to our consultants to learn more about our disability insurance in Seattle, WA.

Convenient Coverage and Claim Procedures

At Guyer Benefits NW, we do not just provide insurance solutions; we make sure that we match your needs and budget. Our partnerships with some of the most respected insurance carriers in the Pacific Northwest gives you access to the broadest insurance programs available.

You are always our priority. When the unexpected happens, count on our capable experts to make the process of getting insurance as simple as possible.

Get a Personalized Individual Insurance Plan Now!

We at Guyer Benefits NW take pride in providing comprehensive and customizable individual insurance solutions throughout the Pacific Northwest. Let us build a brighter and more secure future for you!

Talk to us for fully customized policy options for yourself, your loved ones, and your business. Call us now at (206) 419-6611 to get more information about your insurance choices.