Comprehensive Business and Personal Life Insurance in Seattle, WA

Protecting your greatest assets — time, money, and people.

Trust Guyer Benefits NW for personalized insurance solutions for all life needs, budgets, and backgrounds. We work closely with individuals, families, and small business owners to provide the best possible coverage within their budget. Let us safeguard your future with reliable business and personal life insurance in Seattle, WA!

“Whether its for your business or family, we strive to bring the personal touch to every client. Our value is in making the process of obtaining insurance as simple as possible.“
Darcie Guyer - Founder


Your employees are one of your company's greatest assets. Offering insurance that provides great coverage at an affordable price is a critical decision that directly impacts recruiting, retention, and job satisfaction.


Our team helps you navigate how the Affordable Care Act has changed the way individuals qualify for and purchase health insurance. We're here to ensure you obtain the best coverage available within your budget.


We partner with some of the most well-known and respected insurance carriers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the nation. This provides you with the broadest set of programs available in our region.

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Our Policy Options

At Guyer Benefits NW, we understand the importance of coverage no matter the circumstance. We know that its absence or insufficiency can lead to a major financial setback.

Bring peace of mind to your daily life with our diverse portfolio of insurance products that match your needs and budget. We will give you a comprehensive explanation of each plan and untangle the confusion of benefits to preserve time —the asset you cannot get back. Expect us to be there every step of the way, from explaining the fine print to implementing the plan.

Our individual and business insurance solutions include:

Individual Policy Options

We at Guyer Benefits NW strive to stay on top of the latest insurance laws, streamline the selection process, and ensure the best coverage for your needs and budget. We give close attention to families with special circumstances, such as those who have children with extraordinary needs. Secure your greatest assets through our personal policy options. Individual policy options include:


Protect your family from various medical costs with our comprehensive medical insurance in Seattle, WA. Coverage can include hospital and doctor fees and prescription drug costs.


Most major medical plans do not cover trips abroad. Add an extra layer of medical protection for your international adventures with reliable travel insurance.


Find the best Medicare plans for your specific needs. We assist Seniors and people with disabilities identify the right policy for their medical and prescription requirements.


Secure life insurance in Seattle, WA to keep your family’s future safe in the case of an untimely death.


Maintain optimum dental health with our affordable health insurance plans available for families and individuals. Dental insurance can cover everything from routine check-ups, cleanings, root canals, braces, and more, depending on the plan.

Short-Term Medical

Short term medical insurance covers people temporarily during the period between medical insurance plans.


See the future with bright eyes with our customizable vision insurance. Get coverage for routine eye exams, contacts, glasses, and depending on your plan, even laser eye correction.

At Guyer Benefits NW, we are committed to helping you find the combination that fits your goals and lifestyle. We will sit down individually with you and your family members to ensure you understand and choose the right plan.

Business Policy Options

Safeguard your business and your employees with our comprehensive business insurance policies. Let us provide the ideal employee benefits solutions that also work for your bottom line. Available options include:

• Medical
• Dental
• Life
• Disability
• Long-Term Care
• Vision
• Supplimental

Our Guyer Benefits NW advisors will ensure that you are on top of your company policies by keeping up with laws and protecting your business from compliance issues.

Supplemental Coverage Options for Employees

In addition to our regular business insurance products, you can also enhance your coverage with voluntary benefits. Also known as employee-paid benefits or supplemental insurance, voluntary benefits allow employees to buy additional coverage on top of their core benefits. Voluntary benefits include:

• Accident
• Cancer
• Critical Illness
• Dental
• GAP Insurance
• Short-Term Disability
• Identity Theft
• Pet Insurance

Schedule a consultation with a Guyer Benefits NW advisor today to improve your employee retention and attract quality employees. Create a benefits package that will not only grow your business but also protect your employees.

Guyer Benefits NW: Serving the Pacific Northwest's Business and Personal Insurance Needs

At Guyer Benefits NW, we are committed to bringing you peace of mind through customizable coverage options and personalized consultations. Let us discuss your personal and business insurance needs today!

Complete our Contact Form, and we will contact you to schedule an appointment right away. You can also call us at (206) 419-6611 for any questions or concerns you may have.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Here are some comments from our fantastic clients!

Business Insurance Broker in Seattle, WA

If you need a trusted business insurance broker or personal life insurance provider in Seattle, WA, turn to our team at Guyer Benefits NW. As a trusted team of experienced professionals, we have served the community for years, providing exceptional service and outstanding insurance products. When you need a small business or personal insurance that fits your budget, give us a call.

Comprehensive Care for Your Personal needs

From Medicare supplement plans to health insurance options for individuals, we can help you with most insurance needs you have. We offer competitive policies, including short term health insurance, disability insurance, and dental insurance.

We also encourage our clients to investigate the benefits of life insurance. You can find a variety of life insurance plans and feel confident moving forward, knowing your loved ones are financially secure.

Business Insurance for All Industries

You can depend on us for your small business insurance needs. Let us look for the coverage that is right for your business and to create a comprehensive plan to meet your goals.

Find the Help You Need Nearby Seattle WA

When you are looking for personal and business insurance, you can put your trust in Guyer Benefits NW. Protecting your business or your family does not have to be a challenge. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage and policies that are affordable enough for any budget. Request a quote today!


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